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I live on a seven acre homestead in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri called “Belle Manor Farms.” Most of the time I try to live by organic means and use only environmentally safe ingredients on my small farm raising Dexter cattle, Shetland Sheep, Quarter horses, chickens, geese, turkeys, rabbits, dogs, and one cat.

Belle Manor Farms is trying to help show the way back to basics by becoming a self-sufficient farm that will one day be totally off the grid using a combination of solar, wind power, and other alternative energy sources. Join me in striving to make tomorrow a better day for us all using environmentally safe alternative sources of energy.

I am an accomplished writer and published author with over 40 years working in areas of homesteading, animal husbandry, and conservation. Not only am I an avid homesteader and conservationist but I am also a Wildlife Biologist. We live in a time that neighbor must look after neighbor. No longer can each person go through the day thinking of themselves first. Everything a person does effects someone else and now is the time to start thinking about the consequences of our actions.

With the help of solar panels and wind turbins, it is my hope the small farm will come close to living entirely off the grid and will be 100% self sufficient in energy needs. Greenhouses and gardens, both natural and hydroponic, make the trips to the local supermarkets few and far between. The farm includes an orchard for fresh fruit, berry and grape vines.

By going back to basics, I do not mean to return to the stone age or to deprive yourself of modern day technology. Reach out a hand to help a neighbor and when you need help, they should help you. Barter and trade when possible instead of supporting the big box stores. I preserve, dry, freeze, and can a lot of my food so when I open a ‘can’ of something, it’s going to taste like I want it to taste instead of bland and boring.

If you make things yourself, grow food for yourself, preserve your own food, you might be surprised how it will change your life. Follow me and learn how or share some of your secrets. Feel free to comment or ask questions.

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